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Together with my medical supporters, we recently applied with the e-DL App for the LinkedUp competition. The e-DL app, I developed in the context of my post-doc project and in close cooperation with partners from the Emurgency and PATIENT project at the Open University Netherlands has become a project on its own. In the last weeks, we have finalised the prototype and a pilot study with our medical partners from both EU projects.

It is fun to see how the initial idea during my internship at the Open University Netherlands in 2012 developed towards a meaningful medical app. Unfortunately, my postdoc project is slowly running out so we took the initiative to apply with the e-DL App for the LinkedUp Data Challenge. They asked for three different types of tools: 1. Open Track, 2. Focus Track: Pathfinder and 3.  Focus Track Simplificator.

We applied in the context of the current evaluation study for the Simplificator call that nicely fits to the e-DL App and the completion phase of my postdoc project. You can find a description of the e-DL App at the LinkedUp Website. In addition, we created the following video to introduce the e-DL App to the medical stakeholders. The video explains the current prototype and its latest features.

Fingers crossed for the competition, the awards will be announced 29th of May at the ESWC conference in Greece.

Please support the e-DL App also over the People’s Choice Award.


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