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Dear all,

It is my pleasure to announce that the eDL app won the FIRST PRIZE of the Simplificator Track at the LinkedUp Challenge. The final stage of the competition and prize ceremony took place last week at the ESWC conference in Crete.

I would like to extend my very warm thanks to all the supporters that made this achievement possible. I would never get so far without all the people and the many hands that contributed and supported my post-doc project and finally helped to development the eDL app.

Specially, I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Stefaan Ternier whose experience with mobile technologies is unmatched as well as the work of Jeroen Berkhout that managed to capture all the potential of the eDL App in that wonderful video.

I also need to thank the whole TEL group at the WELTEN Institute of the Open University of the Netherlands. You guys make Heerlen a very innovative place that enables the development of products such as the eDL App.

Therefore, I also have to send my regards to Marco Kalz who has been a great project manager within the EmUrgency project. Hendrik Drachsler and Slavi Stoyanov who supported me in extending my network to the health domain and properly address the handover scenario. Last but not least, Marcus Specht who does a great job in enabling such an innovative group.

It is also important to mention that the support provided by the members of the PATIENT project has been essential to guarantee the correctness of the app from a clinical perspective as well as its usability in healthcare settings. Therefore this acknowledgment extends to Kathleen Hartkopf from MT for support on semantics, Bridget Maher, Helen Hynes, and Pat Henn from UCC Medical School, to Carola Orrego from FADQ, and to Lina Stieger, Hanna Schroeder, Susanne Druener and Sasa Sopka from the AIXTRA Training Center of the University Hospital of the RWTH Aachen for the medical validation.

Conclusively, I need to thank my colleague Michel Triana running the TAM study that allowed us to formally process the feedback from the medical experts mentioned above and improve the eDL App acceptance in the challenging field of clinical handover.

Finally, I would like to express my commitment to invest the first prize reward in further developing the eDLapp. We are planning to further extend the TAM study and use some of the price money to reward the participants and buy additional NFC devices for the user study. That will not be any easy task as I moved to the US for new challenges so I will again rely and the support of you guys!

Please find below the poster that mainly Michael prepared for the ESWC conference that summarise the app:

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