Handover Toolbox

The Handover Toolbox is a web-based knowledge exchange environment that enables working groups/Handover courses to exchange resources and collaborate online. The toolbox is based on the contributions of General Practitioners, nurses, medical educational experts, experts on intervention mapping, and experts in patient handover (Drachsler et al., 2012, Hynes et al., 2015). The toolbox was initially developed within the FP7 Handover Project and was further developed and implemented within the PATIENT project. The toolbox takes into account the diversity of solutions for handovers and contains state of the art knowledge about Handover. It provides information on standardized tools and ready to use tools to improve handover procedures.

The toolbox can be used by any teacher or expert group who wants to use an online learning platform to increase the medical knowledge of the target users in the skills necessary for effective Handover.

Please contact us if you would like to use the toolbox for your own teaching purposes.