Handover Toolbox

The HANDOVER Toolbox is a web-based knowledge exchange environment that enabled a community of practice online. The environment takes into account the diversity of solutions for handovers and contains state of the art knowledge about

  1. Information on standardized tools and ready to use tools to improve handover,
  2. Information on what and how to train handovers and ready to use training material
  3. Guidelines on how to take into account cultural and organizational issues when improving handovers.

As knowledge on these issues is continuously growing and at the same time unclear impact of interventions on patient care practices and patient safety, an environment was developed that optimally combined state of the art information and user contribution and cooperation to improve the usability and conditions for use.

The toolbox can be classified as an educational intervention with innovative teaching technologies that aims to increase the medical knowledge of the target users to have better skills for effective handovers. The Handover toolbox is based on the experience of general practitioners, nurses, medical educational experts, experts on intervention mapping, and experts in patient handover.