E-learning course

Based on the handover curriculum and the newly created didactical design, teaching materials and assessment methods, the PATIENT project develop an e-Learning course that can be used by external teaching institutes or individual learners.

The e-Learning course follows well-established instructional design principles and presenting the learning content in a sequence plus providing multiple-choice assessment to evaluate the knowledge gained. The e-learning course and can be studied by individuals that are not connected to a University and can not attend any of our courses. The course can also be used as a digital textbook to train handover skills before and during a face-to-face course.

In contrast to the Handover Toolbox that requires some more dynamic group interaction, the e- Learning course is our mean to disseminate the handover contents developed within PATIENT in an easy and convenient manner to new stakeholder groups. It enables other parties also involved in giving or receiving handover procedures, such as patients, family doctors, or organisations like retirement homes, to learn about the crucial handover theory & practices.

An example lecture of the e-Learning course is available here (Link).
Please contact us if you are interested in taking the course in English, German or Spanish language.