Early Development Cycles of the e-DL App

Based on the experiences with the HANDOVER toolbox and the CLAS App within PATIENT, the idea of an electronic discharge letter App emerged. Leonardo Lezcano took this idea over as subject for his post-doc project at OUNL and developed the e-DL App in close cooperation with the medical experts of the PATIENT team.

The e-DL takes advantage of Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC enabled Android phones can read passive RFID tags, but can also use this short-range wireless technology to exchange (small) messages (Android Beam). NFC in that sense competes with bluetooth. Compared to bluetooth, NFC

  • requires the devices to be really close (<4cm)
  • does not require the devices to pair before communicating.

The Android Beam technology was used to facilitate the handover of medical discharge letters between doctors and patients. Sharing these letters with patients and providing extra services around gives patients more insight on their health. Furthermore the app for patients can be extended with extra functionality to give them for instance more information about e.g. their medication.

A first prototype from Januar 2013 demonstrates how a doctor can pass a discharge letter to a patient’s mobile device via Near Field Communication.

The screenshot shows the mobile device from the perspective of a General Practioner. Screen 2, shows the discharge letters, relevant to a patient. Screen 3 visualizes data available on the discharge letter (e.g. “Problems and Diagnosis”, “Medication”, etc.)

The following video from Stefaan Ternier illustrates how the discharge letter of a patient can be passed via android beam to another device.