Handover curriculum

The Curriculum for Handover Training has been developed for medical faculties and health-care institutions to implement or integrate elements of patient safety and handover training into their medical curricula.

The curriculum is one of the main outcomes of the PATIENT project as there are no comparable curricula on handover practices available so far. It is available in English, German, and Spanish language.  All training content and tools within PATIENT are build upon the curriculum.

The Handover Curriculum content is divided into three comprehensive modules focussing on occurrence of medical error and adverse events, effective communication, simulation and training.

The training material of the curriculum can be used completely or partially and can be individually adapted to local needs and standards. it therefore supports:

  • Adaptation: Because of the differences between various curricula and teaching strategies, the three modules are designed to be flexible and adaptable.
  • Complement existing curriculaFeatures of The PATIENT handover curriculum can be added to existing materials and curricular content.

The curriculum is also available as German and Spanish version.

Curriculum for medical handover training

It can be cited in the following way:
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