PATIENT Team at 17th Ottawa Conference in Perth/Australia: Innovation In Medical Education – Training and Assessing Undergraduate Students in Handoff Performance (Poster)

Posted on 24. February 2016 · Posted in project info Posted by Lina Stieger

On March 22nd Hanna Schröder from the PATIENT Team will present a Poster on INNOVATION IN MEDICAL EDUCATION: TRAINING AND ASSESSING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS IN HANDOFF PERFORMANCE – FINDINGS FROM THE EU-PATIENT PROJECT at the 17th Ottawa Conference in Perth / Western Australia.

Handoff Training Day for Medical Interns in Aachen on 1st International Patient Safety Day

Posted on 23. September 2015 · Posted in project info Posted by Lina Stieger

Thursday the 17th of September was announced the first international patient safety day. The project team in Aachen took the chance to offer a whole-day handoff training experience to last year medical students who are currently spending their internship in hospitals around Aachen. At the end of the day 22..
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SimHand experiment ready to go

Posted on 9. July 2015 · Posted in apps, project info, research Posted by Hendrik Drachsler

On 20th of July we run the SimHand experiment for 3 days and test the  App in Germany with our Partner AIXTRA in a Famulaturcourse with 80 medical students in controlled settings. We aim to investigate the added value of the SimHand App for the students and measure their knowledge about..
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PATIENT project paper published in July edition of Academic Medicine

Posted on 25. June 2015 · Posted in BLOG Posted by Pat Henn

The PATIENT project paper the first of its kind on designing learning outcomes for handover training for medical students is now in the July edition of Academic Medicine.  

PATIENT project delivers handover curriculum via E-learning

Posted on 22. June 2015 · Posted in BLOG, ProHand Course Posted by Pat Henn

E-learning is the use of Internet technologies to enhance knowledge and performance. E-learning technologies offer learners control over content, learning sequence, pace of learning, time, and often media, allowing them to tailor their experiences to meet their personal learning objectives. In diverse medical education contexts, e-learning appears to be at..
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The e-DL mobile app: A solution to improve hospital to General Practice communication

Posted on 16. June 2015 · Posted in BLOG, project info Posted by Pat Henn

Once discharged from hospital, patients are often advised to consult their general practitioner (GP) for the management of any new or ongoing problems. An Australian study found that 25% visited their GP within 4 days of hospital discharge and 50% within 12 days. Patients may present to their GP requiring further medication;..
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The CLAS mobile app is designed to standardise and improve handover communication between hospital and General Practice.

Posted on 11. June 2015 · Posted in apps, BLOG, project info Posted by Pat Henn

Accurate, comprehensive transfer of information about prescribed medicines across the healthcare interface is essential to ensure consistency between the treatment provided in hospital and in the community, and to ensure patient safety through the avoidance of medication-related inaccuracies. However, deficits in communication are widely reported. In 2009 a national survey..
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Working on the experimental design for the SimHand App

Posted on · Posted in apps, research Posted by Lina Stieger

In relation to the blog post from Pat yesterday, we are working on an experimental evaluation of the SimHand App under controlled conditions. The experiment will run end of July this year here in Aachen, Germany with around 80 students. We will investigate the added value of the SimHand App..
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The SimHand App – Serious Games for training handover

Posted on 10. June 2015 · Posted in BLOG, project info Posted by Pat Henn

Patient safety concerns call for the need to train medical personnel in simulated settings to reduce cost and patient morbidity. Technological innovations, such as virtual reality simulation and e-learning applications, have led to consistent improvement in learning outcomes, and already play a role in surgical residency training programmes. A potent..
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PATIENT project Handover Curriculum is available online

Posted on 2. June 2015 · Posted in BLOG, research Posted by Pat Henn

In the paper “Training on handover of patient care within UK medical schools” published in Medical Education Online on January 11th 2013 [doi: 10.3402/meo.v18i0.20169] the author concludes “Whilst undergraduate medical schools recognised handover as an important education issue, they do not feel that they should have the ultimate responsibility for training..
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