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Self-reported patient safety competence among new graduates in medicine, nursing and pharmacy

Posted on 10. December 2012 · Posted in research Posted by Pat Henn

This paper published in BMJ Quality and Safety reports on a cross-sectional survey of 4496 new graduates in medicine (1779), nursing (2196) and pharmacy (521) using the Health Professional (HP) Education in Patient Safety (PS) Survey (H-PEPSS ). The H-PEPSS measures HPs’ self-reported PS competence on six socio-cultural dimensions of..
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Standardisation of Hospital Discharge Letters in Ireland

Posted on · Posted in research Posted by Bridget Maher

The Health Information Quality Authority (HIQA) agency in Ireland has developed a  standardised dataset  for hospital discharge letters and is inviting submissions from interested parties to comment on the draft template. Dr Bridget Maher (PATIENT UCC team and CLAS developer) has submitted an evaluation to HIQA and informed the..
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Hospital Discharge Letters – Room for Improvement?

Posted on 9. December 2012 · Posted in discharge letter, research Posted by Bridget Maher

Hospital Discharge-Letters – Room for Improvement? Results of a recent study in which 200 hospital disc harge letters were analysed using the CLAS app (Cork Letter Writing Assessment Scale) found significant deficits in many important areas. The letters were collected from four family practices (from a variety of secondary and..
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First article on CLAS App

Posted on 7. December 2012 · Posted in apps, CLAS Posted by Hendrik Drachsler

The PATIENT project published first research outcomes of the CLAS App at the International conference on Mobile Learning in Helsinki. One of the core activities of PATIENT is to provide mobile solutions for medical training and practice. In the mLearn paper we introduce the CLAS App, a mobile application to..
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Kickoff Meeting

Posted on 9. October 2012 · Posted in project info Posted by Hendrik Drachsler

On 25th of October 2012, the kick-off of the EU project PATIENT took place in Heerlen, The Netherlands. PATIENT aims at innovating medical higher education in the domain of patient safety by combining authentic simulation-based learning approaches with mobile devices. It is expected that the mobile solutions will also affect medical..
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