MT Consulting GmbH

MT Consulting

MT Consulting GmbH (MT) is a SME company founded in Germany that supports their clients by implementing, consulting, developing new innovative knowledge management tools for their infrastructure. MT is therefore focusing esp. on health and care sector by implementing e-learning and other knowledge management tools to innovate organisational workflows. MT takes advantage of existing open source software solutions that save time and money for the clients to offer customised solutions. MT offers support for Content-Management Systems, Learning-Management Systems, Social Software strategies and customised software for specific requirements.

Next to the IT expertise of the company, MT possesses a diverse and indepth knowhow in the design and management of projects and offers also consultancy in the areas of law and commercialization of products  (Intellectual Property Rights, exploitation strategies, business plan development as well as additional disciplines focusing on promoting and implementing innovation in companies and public organisations).

The company, has many years of experience in the Management and Consultancy sector and operates a network of professionals and experts from around Europe.

The role of the SME partner MT in the PATIENT project is to maintain and customise the HANDOVER Toolbox, the online teaching environment, and provide additional educational material (WP3). In addition, MT will contribute to the dissemination activities by setting up and maintain the project website. Furthermore, MT who is experienced in commercialisation and exploitation strategies will lead WP8 and develop an exploitation strategy for the HANDOVER Toolbox and the handover study module based on a market analysis and commercialisation pathways for medical trainings of other organisations.