Work Packages

The PATIENT project comprises eight WPs (see Figure 1). The project is organised in 3 horizontal WPs (blue) covering the project duration and 5 consecutive WPs. A brief description of the WPs activities follows:

The transversal WPs are: WP1 (Management), WP6 (Quality control) and WP7 (Dissemination)

  • WP1  [Lead OUNL] The WPs report progress to the OUNL and contribute to the annual management and final report. All other WPs are in Figure 1 under the umbrella of WP1.
  • WP6 [Lead OUNL] ensures best outcomes and efficiency between WPs. All WPs relate to WP6 to contribute to the Interim and Final Quality report and the Expert Advisory Panel.
  • WP7 [Lead UCC] disseminates the outcomes to potential stakeholders and the wider public from the onset. WPs have to send updates to UCC. UCC creates the project website. It is used for document exchange between the WPs.

The consecutive WPs follow the sequence model, the outcomes of previous WP triggers activities of the following WP. These are: WP2 (Needs analysis), WP3 (Learning outcomes), WP4 (Educational Material), WP5 (Implementation) and WP8 (Exploitation).

  • WP2 [Lead FAD] design and conduct of knowledge and practice survey in handover teaching and learning, and innovative teaching in medical schools across the EU. Specifically, a surveywill be distributed between the partners and medical schools in the EU.
  • WP3 [Lead UCC], by consultation will develop agreed learning outcomes contributing to a standardization of the handover procedures in Europe.
  • WP4 [Lead UKA] will develop class-based teaching materials; the implementation of the HANDOVER toolbox as virtual learning and knowledge exchange environment; module evaluation in English, German, & Spanish.
  • WP5 [Lead UKA] will implement the outcomes of WP4 at UCC, FAD and UKA. WP5 will train core instructors in the handover module investigate logistical issues related to implementation of the module and report on the resolution of organizational issues prior to implementation of the module.
  • WP8 [Lead MT] will report the development of a business strategy for stakeholders based on project outcomes and identify intellectual property rights emerging from the project.