The CLAS app is an itemised checklist and scoring system to help medical students and junior doctors write better discharge letters. It based on the “Cork Letter-Writing Assessment Scale” (created by Bridget Maher) at University College Cork (UCC) and was adapted into an app as part of the PATIENT project. The CLAS mobile app is designed to standardise and improve handover communication between hospital and General Practice.

Within PATIENT we further developed the CLAS App and created a semantically correct translation of the CLAS checklist items into German, Spanish and Catalan. This new version was renamed to CLAS App Multiple Languages (CLAS App ML). The language setting of the App is connected to the language setting of the mobile device on which it is installed. On a mobile with Spanish language settings, the CLAS App will be presented in Spanish; on a German phone it is presented in the German language. If the language on the mobile is not English, German, Spanish or Catalan, the default language for the CLAS App is set to English. Further we made the CLAS app available for the Android Operating System and for Apple iOS devices:

The App is available at the Google Playstore: CLAS App at Playstore






and at iTunes: CLAS App ML










The App was presented at mLearn2012 conference in Helsinki in the context of a research paper.