e-DL App

The e-DL mobile App provides a promising and yet secure solution to paper based discharge letters. It is a revolutionary approach to transfer discharge letters and prevent unstructured texts, unstandardised diagnosis, language barriers, incompleteness and ambiguity.

A seamless exchange between doctors, specialists and patients is technically supported by the App through the Near Field Communication (NFC) standards. NFC will dramatically change information exchange in society and will affect all kinds of living. This has been become evident with the launch of the iPhone 6 that adapts NFC to the phone and directly supports paying procedures through NFC technology. PATIENT already adopted NFC technology in January 2013 on the Google Android OS and developed the NFC standard into the e-DL App by taking over the CLAS checklist items.

Below an introduction video about the e-DL App can be found. Further information  about the development of the e-DL App can be found here and a detailed description of the App has also been published by the core developed Leonardo Lezcano.

The e-DL App is available at the Google Playstore:  Link to e-DL App