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The official funding period of PATIENT has ended in March 2015 and we have delivered the final reports to the EACEA.

The PATIENT project ran from October 2012 until end of March 2015. The project achieved all objectives as declared in the original project proposal in a timely manner. In fact with the development of the e-DL App, the CLAS App, the SimHand App and the eLearning course the consortium delivered much more training interventions tools than initially anticipated. In total seven tangible tools have been developed for the training of handover competences. Those tools are publicly available and will be supported and further disseminated in the future. In the upcoming weeks we will provide a series of blogs post to present all tools we have developed in more detail.

This rich collection of outcomes have just been possible due to a great team that was working very effectively and efficiently together and also had a lot of fun. All members have been very committed to the quality criteria and objectives of the project.

We are glad that our efforts put into the project also got rewarded from the medical education community. We are proud that both, the CLAS App and the E-DL App, won an innovation award. Furthermore, we are pleased that some of our empirical findings got accepted in high-impact journals such as Academic Medicine. There are some more articles under submission from other empirical studies so stay tuned for further publications. A list of all public deliverables and a series of journals articles, conference papers, and stakeholder workshops is available on the PATIENT website under publications.

We are also delighted that PATIENT got so well received in social media and became the first entry in Google when searching for very common terms like ‘patient’ and ‘project’. This shows that our social media strategy payed off and we reached a high dissemination range with the project website.

Countries accessing the PATIENT website Cities and local areas frequently accessing the PATIENT website

Finally, we are more than happy to announce that the activities of the PATIENT consortium are not ending with the end of the funding period. Within the last months the consortium developed an exploitation strategy to continue working on the pressing handover topic with the PATIENT approach.

We are currently preparing the first empirical study with the SimHand App in July this year at the German partner AIXTRA, in Aachen. In the fall of this year, we will present the ProHand course as a first handover training offer to medical professionals. This course will also be piloted at the German partner, but it is the intention to exploit it later to other partner countries to increase patient safety through accurate handovers in Europe and beyond.

Please find below the final public project report summarising the main activities and outcomes of the PATIENT project. Please contact us if you are interested in our tools or a dedicated training offer for your organisation.

PATIENT – Final Project Report

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