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First article about the development of the HANDOVER toolbox published, here the abstract:

Background: Safe and effective patient handovers remain a global organisational and training challenge.
Limited evidence supports available handover training programmes. Customisable training is a promising approach to improve the quality and sustainability of handover training and outcomes.

Objective: We present a Handover Toolbox designed in the context of the European HANDOVER Project. The Toolbox aims to support physicians, nurses, individuals in health professions training, medical educators and handover experts by providing customised handover training tools for different clinical needs and contexts.

Methods: The Handover Toolbox uses the Technology Enhanced Learning Design Process (TEL-DP), which
encompasses user requirements analysis; writing personas; group concept mapping; analysis of suitable software; plus, minus, interesting rating; and usability testing. TEL-DP is aligned with participatory design approaches and ensures development occurs in close collaboration with, and engagement of, key stakeholders.

Results: Application of TEL-DP confirmed that the ideal formats of handover training differs for practicing
professionals versus individuals in health profession education programmes. Training experts from different
countries differed in their views on the optimal content and delivery of training. Analysis of suitable software identified
ready-to-use systems that provide required functionalities and can be further customised to users’ needs. Interest
rating and usability testing resulted in improved usability, navigation and uptake of the Handover Toolbox.

Conclusions: The design of the Handover Toolbox was based on a carefully led stakeholder participatory design using the TEL DP approach. The Toolbox supports a customisable learning approach that allows trainers to design training that addresses the specific information needs of the various target groups. We offer recommendations regarding the application of the Handover Toolbox to medical educators.

Drachsler, H., Kicken, W., Van der Klink, M., Stoyanov, S., Boshuizen, H. P. A. , & Barach, P. (2012). The Handover Toolbox: a knowledge exchange and training platform for improving patient care. British Medical Journal Quality & Safety 21, 1114–1120. doi:10.1136/bmjqs-2012-001176.

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