Genesis of the PATIENT project

The PATIENT project builds on previous work on developing handover training the FP7 HANDOVER project (FP7-HEALTH-F2-2008-223409). Experiences and insights of medical trainers, experts in handover, doctors and nurses from the EU and beyond, were utilized to design a learning environment, the HANDOVER Toolbox, conducive to training and learning around handover processes. The main advantage of the Toolbox (see is the potential to be the leading network for those interested in improving handover. Its design resembles other social media environments so students and use it effortlessly.

The features of this ready-to-use environment offer numerous opportunities for large scale implementations in healthcare curricula for higher education students. The Toolbox allows the students to become engaged in specific Special Interest Groups and disseminate their research findings to a network of interested peers, practitioners, and patients. Its design enables learning beyond conventional educational approaches.

In the PATIENT project the HANDOVER Toolbox will be combined with multiple mobile applications. One of these apps will be the CLAS app that also addresses the handover challenge. CLAS is a mobile application to structure handover processes between different medical departments as well as hospitals and General Practitioners (GPs). The PATIENT project seeks to further our knowledge of the merits of implementing highly innovative learning environments (Toolbox) that offer sophisticated ICT tools (CLAS mobile application), to enhance interaction between students, teachers, researchers and patients, thereby encouraging the exchange of knowledge and ideas to increase awareness, understanding and pioneering solutions for this important global issue.