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Guidelines on giving a good handover from our nursing colleagues

Posted on 7. October 2014 · Posted in project info Posted by Helen Hynes

“Britain’s Nurses” is an an independent organisation, set up with the support of the UK Department of Health, the NHS, and the Royal College of Nursing. Its aim is to recognise, promote and celebrate all that’s best in nursing in the UK today. In their “Trade Secrets” series, they have produced their..
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Medical school handoff education improves postgraduate trainee performance and confidence

Posted on 4. September 2014 · Posted in project info Posted by Pat Henn

This study provides evidence that incoming trainees are not well prepared to perform handoffs. However, those who received instruction during medical school perform better and are more confident on standardized performance assessments. Given communication failures lead to uncertainty in patient care and increases in medical errors, medical schools should incorporate..
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PATIENT Workshop at GMA annual conference 2014 in Hamburg, Germany

Posted on 25. June 2014 · Posted in project info Posted by Lina Stieger

The PATIENT Consortium is going to host a workshop titled “Design your individual pilot of a handover training module – Möglichkeiten der Vermittlung standardisierter Übergabeprozesse aus dem EU-Projekt PATIENT (Opportunities to teach standardised handover procedures resulting from the PATIENT project)” at this year’s annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Medizinische..
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PATIENT Curriculum for Handover Training in Medical Education available

Posted on 18. June 2014 · Posted in project info Posted by Lina Stieger

The last months the PATIENT project consortium put a lot of effort into workpackage 4 Curriculum and Educational Material and now we proudly present the resulting Curriculum for Handover Training in Medical Education. What is included in the curriculum and why is it important? What is handover? Handover is the..
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First Price for the e-DL App in the Simplificator Track

Posted on 4. June 2014 · Posted in apps, project info Posted by Leonardo Lezcano

Dear all, It is my pleasure to announce that the eDL app won the FIRST PRIZE of the Simplificator Track at the LinkedUp Challenge. The final stage of the competition and prize ceremony took place last week at the ESWC conference in Crete. I would like to extend my very..
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Vote for the e-DL App

Posted on 21. May 2014 · Posted in apps, discharge letter, project info, research Posted by Leonardo Lezcano

Together with my medical supporters, we recently applied with the e-DL App for the LinkedUp competition. The e-DL app, I developed in the context of my post-doc project and in close cooperation with partners from the Emurgency and PATIENT project at the Open University Netherlands has become a project on its..
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Rethinking the discharge summary: a focus on handoff communication.

Posted on 14. May 2014 · Posted in research Posted by Pat Henn

The discharge summary is one of the most critical documents in medical care settings, but it is prone to systematic lapses that compromise the continuity of care. Discontinuity is fostered not only by incomplete inclusion of data (such as pending labs or medication reconciliations) but also by failure to document..
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Clinical clerkship students’ perceptions of (un)safe transitions for every patient.

Posted on 8. May 2014 · Posted in research Posted by Pat Henn

Third-year medical students’ descriptions of care-transition incidents reveal high rates of strong negative emotions and of communication gaps that may adversely affect patient care. Results support curricular innovations that align students’ needs and experiences with safe patient care transitions.

Handoff Practices in Undergraduate Medical Education

Posted on · Posted in research Posted by Pat Henn

Despite the growing literature linking poor handoffs to adverse events, few medical students are taught this competency during medical school. The common practice of allowing untrained sub-interns to perform handoffs as part of a required clerkship raises safety concerns. Evidence-based education programs are needed for handoff training. Look

Electronic handoff instruments: a truly multidisciplinary tool?

Posted on · Posted in research Posted by Pat Henn

The objective was to assess use of a physician handoff tool embedded in the electronic medical record by nurses and other non-physicians.  Medical nurses rated the tool more useful than surgical nurses, and pediatric nurses rarely used the tool. The tool was integrated into the daily workflow of non-physicians despite being designed..
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