Fundacion Avedis Donabedian

Fundacion Avedis Donabedian 

The Avedis Donabedian Institute is a Research Institute on Quality & Safety in Health Care of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, a non-profit organization that supports quality efforts in Health and Social Care in FAD since 1989. The board includes among others; the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Spanish Society for Quality, the Spanish Society of Health Economics and the Spanish Federation of Health Managers. FAD has implemented quality projects in more than 400 centres and various regions in FAD and develops and tests quality indicators for scientific societies and implements clinical guidelines at different levels. The main research area is to manage change and quality improvement implementation. FAD also has developed the Spanish adverse event reporting systems and other projects in hospitals to identify adverse events and their causes in order to avoid patients’ injuries, spread safety culture and implement safety indicators. FAD has been the project leader of the EU research project FP6 MARQuIS (Methods of Assessing Response to Quality Improvement Strategies) and FP7 DUQUE (Deepening our understanding of quality improvement in Europe (DUQuE). FAD has participated as partner in the former FP7 HANDOVER project [see Section C.2].

FAD has also an important teaching activity (more than 20 courses a year as well as a University Diploma of Methodology of Evaluation and Quality Improvement (13 editions), and a Master of Specialization in Methodology of Management and Methodology of Quality of care (6 editions) and a pre-graduate course of quality improvement, all in the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. FAD has been involved in the design, developing and implementation of e-learning courses in several issues of quality improvement, enrolling more than 20.000 health care professionals during the last 4 years.

FAD will share their expertise in development and implementation of new learning concepts as well as their practical experience concerning innovation of clinic processes for improved patient safety. FAD has was a partner in the FP7 ‘HANDOVER project’ where they contribute need analysis and state-of-the-art review of handover challenges of the medical system in Spain. Furthermore, they are running an national project called ‘E-Pract’ (, a professional online network of Spanish speaking medical professionals, that aims to overcome pressing issues in medical procedures in a faster manner. FAD will support the proper implementation of the HANDOVER-Toolbox and the UCC CLAS mobile application by organizing rooms for studies, simulations and seminars, patient cases, required technology equipment, and human resources. The innovator role of FAD in medical Hospital Barcelona, gives FAD the opportunity to provide different target groups for pilot studies. Based on the project outcomes, FAD will develop and evaluate a module concept for handover training, which will be integrated in the curriculum of the medical students.


Carola Orrego Project Director on Patient Safety and Innovation at Avedis Donabedian Institute

Summary of relevant skills and experience:
Carola Orrego, Bsn, Msc, Project Director on Patient Safety and Innovation at Avedis Donabedian Institute. Director of a virtual learning network of Communities of practices (“ePract”) oriented to improve quality in health care for FAD in Spain and Latin America, involving more than 1500 health care professionals. She is leading the “Network for excellence in clinical practice”, initiative to promote quality through synergies and shared knowledge among hospitals, using social media and Information technologies.
She has participated in the design and management of about 20 patient safety research projects with medical societies and health care organizations, through the implementation process of evidence-based safety practices in community autonomous of Catalonia. These projects have involved more than 300 hundred professionals’ teams in about 80 hospitals and long-term care centres. She also was involved in the design and management of implementation process of integrated care for 14 clinical practice guidelines in community autonomous of Asturias. She is member of a National network in Clinical practice guidelines coordinated by the National Health System. Lecturer in courses on improving quality and patient safety oriented to medical and nurse students and health care professionals. She was part of the Spanish Research team for Handover project.

Relevant articles for the project:

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Mariona Secanell, Projects coordinator in patient safety area-Project Manager in DUQUE project

Research Interests in Patient Safety initiatives and implementation, Quality Improvement . System strategies at hospital level.